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How can I open a stream in binary mode in c++?

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asked by anna

1 Answer

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Use std::ios::binary.

Some operating systems differentiate between text and binary modes. In text mode, end-of-line
sequences and possibly other things are translated; in binary mode, they are not. For example, in text mode under Windows, "\r\n" is translated into "\n" on input, and the reverse on output.
To read a file in binary mode, use something like this:
void readBinaryFile(const std::string& filename)
std::ifstream input(filename.c_str(), std::ios::in | std::ios::binary);
char c;
while (input.get(c)) {
...do something with c here...
Note: input >> c discards leading whitespace, so you won't normally use that when reading
binary files.


answered by rawn

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