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How to use Servlets and Ajax?

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asked by john Guru (27,140 points)

2 Answers

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The way to update the page currently displayed in the user's browser (without reloading it) is to have some code executing in the browser update the page's DOM.

That code is typically javascript that is embedded in or linked from the HTML page, hence the AJAX suggestion. (In fact, if we assume that the updated text comes from the server via an HTTP request, this is classic AJAX.) It is also possible to implement this kind of thing using some browser plugin or add-on, though it may be tricky for a plugin to reach into the browser's data structures to update the DOM. (Native code plugins normally write to some graphics frame that is embedded in the page.)
answered by sara Guru (24,570 points)
0 votes
Normally you cant update a page from a servlet. Client (browser) has to request an update. Eiter client loads a whole new page or it requests an update to a part of an existing page. This technique is called Ajax. Using IFrame and ajax will be more useful....
answered by keem Expert (13,240 points)

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