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When to use <ui:include>, tag files, composite components and/or custom components?

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I started using JSF 2.0 with Facelets recently and got puzzled by new composite components knowing existing <ui:include> and other templating techniques offered by Facelets 1.x.
asked by john Guru (27,140 points)

1 Answer

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Use Facelet templates (as in <ui:include> and/or <ui:composition>) if you want to split main page layout fragments into reuseable templates. E.g. header, menu, footer, etc.
Use Facelet tag files if you want to have a reuseable group of components in order to prevent/minimize code duplication. E.g. a group of label+input+message components. The major difference with composite components is that the output of a Facelet tag file does not represent a single UIComponent and may in some circumstances be the only solution when a composite component doesn't suffice.
answered by keem Expert (13,240 points)

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