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How do I rename all the files from .htm to .html after copying them from a PC to a UNIX machine?

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asked by omari Sr Member (3,860 points)

1 Answer

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UNIX's mv (`move') command won't handle wildcard filenames. However, there's a program called htmaddl (for `HTM-add-"L"'), so you can login and type htmaddl. This will rename all .htm files to .html
If you haven't got this program on your UNIX machine, you can type it into a file called htmaddl: #! /bin/sh for f in *.htm; do base=`basename $f .htm` mv $f $base.html done After saving it and exiting your editor, make it executable by typing the command chmod ugo+x htmaddl Best of all, move it into your ~/bin directory, or ask your WebMeister to put it in /usr/local/bin so everyone can use it.
answered by sunny Expert (11,410 points)

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