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c program to find repeated characters in a string.
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int main(){
    char str[40];
    int i, j = 0;
    scanf("%s", str);
    for(i = 1; str[i] != '\0';i++){
        if(str[i-1] == str[i]){//For consecutive repeated characters
            j = i-1;        //If found, we place an index j there
            while(1){           //This loops checks for mutiple
                if(str[j] == str[j+1])  //occurrences of a character
            printf("Character %c is repeated %d times\n", str[i], j - (i-1)+1);
            i = j;
    if(j == 0){
        printf("No repeated character");
    return 0;

If you wanna find out all the repeated characters, first sort the string lexicographically.

Then use the logic used in the above program to find repeated characters and their number of occurrences


answered by Sr Member (3.6k points) 1 2 8
How can we do that with a two dimensional array [12][40]?

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