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A function in C can return only one value. If we want the function to return multiple values, we need to create a structure variable, which has three integer members and return this structure.

Program: Program with a function to return 3 values


//sample structure which has three integer variables.

struct sample {

int a, b, c;


//this is function which returns three values.

struct sample return3val() {

struct sample s1;

s1.a = 10;

s1.b = 20;

s1.c = 30;

//return structure s1, which means return s1.a ,s1.b and s1.c

return s1;


int main() {

struct sample accept3val;

//three values returned are accepted by structure accept3val.

accept3val = return3val();

//prints the values

printf(" \n %d", accept3val.a);

printf("\n %d", accept3val.b);

printf(" \n %d", accept3val.c);

return 0;







In this program, we use C structure to return multiple values from a function. Here we have a structure holding three int variables and a function which returns it. 'return3val' is a function which assigns 10, 20, 30 to its integer variables and returns this structure. In this program, 'accept3val' is a structure used to accept the  values returned by the function. It accepts those values and shows the output.
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