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Consider a multidimensional array a[w][x][y][z].

In this array, a[i] gives address of a[i][0][0][0] and a[i]+j gives the address of a[i][j][0][0]

Similarly, a[i][j] gives address of a[i][j][0][0] and a[i][j]+k gives the address of a[i][j][k][0]

a[i][j][k] gives address of a[i][j][k][0] and a[i][j][k]+l gives address of a[i][j][k][l]

Hence a[i][j][k][l] can be accessed using pointers as *(a[i][j][k]+l)

where * stands for value at address and a[i][j][k]+l gives the address location of a[i][j][k][l].

Program: Example program to illustrate pointer denotation of multi-dimensional arrays.



int main() {

int a[3][3][3][3];

//it gives address of a[0][0][0][0] .

printf(" \n address of array a is %u", a);

printf("\n address of a[2][0][0][0] is %u ,given by a[2], %u given by a+2",

a[2], a + 2);

printf("\n address of a[2][2][0][0] is %u ,given by a[2][2], %u given by a[2]+2",

a[2][2], a[2] + 2);

printf("\n address of a[2][2][1][0] is %u ,given by a[2][2][1] , %u given by a[2][2]+1",

a[2][2][1], a[2][2] + 1);

return 0;



address of array a is 65340

address of a[2][0][0][0] is 65448, given by a[2] , 65448 given by a+2

address of a[2][2][0][0] is 65484, given by a[2][2] ,65484 given by a[2]+2

address of a[2][2][1][0] is 65490, given by a[2][2][1] , 65490 given by a[2][2]+1


This output may differ from computer to computer as the address locations are not same for every computer.
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