Any good graphing packages for Android?

With Android removing the Swing and AWT libraries from Java, I was wondering what solutions have been developed to display simple bar histograms, line graphs and other simple data visualizations in Android?

Since this question was asked a few very nice open source native libraries have been created. These include:





And a commercial chart:





It looks like the creator of this question solved this problem and posted some interesting stuff about it to the Internet. I've linked to his solution along with several others that exist now.


rapidandroid (question creator solution)


Java Charts for Android

Just to summarize: his solution involved using a JavaScript library (flot) built on top of jQuery. This library was then included in an HTML page which was loaded into a custom WebView. The custom WebView then read data from a custom Java class made accessible to JavaScript code via the WebView.addJavascriptInterface method. Details can be found at the above link.