Are there any good resources to get started with Node.JS?

Any good tutorials, blogs or books?


	[Node.js guide](

	[Node tuts](


	[Introduction to Node.js with Ryan Dahl](

	[Node.js: Asynchronous Purity Leads to Faster Development](

	[Parallel Programming with Node.js](

	[Server-side JavaScript with Node, Connect & Express](


	[The Node Beginner Book](

	[Mastering Node.js](

	[Up and Running with Node.js](


	[Ryan Dahl's Node blog](

	[How To Node](


	[Nodejitsu blog](



	[Minute with node.js](

[b]JavaScript resources[/b]

	[Crockford's videos]( (must see!)

	[Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners](

	[JavaScript garden](

	[JavaScript Patterns]( book

	[JavaScript: The Good Parts]( book

[b]Node Modules[/b]

	[Wiki List on Github/Joyent/Node]( (start here last!)

	[Search for registered node.js modules](