Creating a fluid website worth the trouble?

I’m making a website now and I am trying to decide if I should make it fluid or not. Fixed width websites are much easier to make and also much easier to make them appear consistent.

To be honest though, I personally prefer looking at fluid websites that stretch to the full width of my monitor. My question comes from the fact that in most modern browsers you can hold control and scroll your mouse wheel to basically resize any website.

So is creating a fluid website worth the trouble?

Making a website fluid, but adding a min/max-width attribute seems to be the best of both worlds, for me. You support fluidity, but you limit it at a certain width (say, 800px and 1200px).

It is up to you - here are some things to consider:

	Text is hard(er) to read when lines are very long.

	Your audience may have larger or smaller resolutions than normal, and picking an 'incorrect' static width will annoy them.

	Maintaining a fluid site can be, but doesn't have to be much more difficult than its static counterpart.