Favorite Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts

What is your favorite Visual Studio keyboard shortcut?

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		Ctrl + - and the opposite Ctrl + Shift + -

	Move cursor back (or forwards) to the last place it was. No more scrolling back or PgUp/Dwn to find out where you were.

		Ctrl + tab Switches open windows in VS.


		Incremental Search - Ctrl + I


		For me, it's nothing about auto completing code, matching parenthesis or showing some fancy tool panel. Instead, it's just about letting me see the code.

		With all the panels surrounding you, the area you use to actually write code becomes too small.
		In this cases, Shift+Alt+Enter comes in to the rescue and gets the code
		[b]window in focus in full screen mode[/b]. Hit it again, and you have all the panels back ;)


			Expand Smart Tag (Resolve Menu): Ctrl + . (period)

			Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C Comment a block

			Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U Uncomment the block
			The TAB key for "snippets".
					Ctrl+Shift+F Good old Find In Files.

					Ctrl+Space, VS gives the possible completions

					Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D // Auto-(Re)Format

					Ctrl+] for matching braces and parentheses

					Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V to duplicate the current line
					Ctrl+L to delete the current line
					Ctrl+F3 to search for the current selection
					Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K to create a bookmark (which are useful)
					Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N to go to the next bookmark

					Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M. To expand/collapse the current code block.