Hidden Features of ASP.NET

I am asking for features that are not typically taught by the text books.

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	* While testing, you can have emails sent to a folder on your computer instead of an SMTP server. Put this in your web.config:

         pickupDirectoryLocation="c:\Temp\" />
  • throw new HttpException(404, “Article not found”);

      	This will be caught by ASP.NET which will return the customErrors page. Learned about this one in a [recent .NET Tip of the Day Post](
    • If you place a file named app_offline.htm in the root of a web application directory, ASP.NET 2.0+ will shut-down the application and stop normal processing any new incoming requests for that application, showing only the contents of the app_offline.htm file for all new requests.

    This is the quickest and easiest way to display your “Site Temporarily Unavailable” notice while re-deploying (or rolling back) changes to a Production server.