How do you configure your system for AJAX and PHP?

How do you configure your system for AJAX and PHP?

1. The first step is to install a webserver. If you haven't installed one already, you have two choices: either install each component separate or install an already packaged bundle.


a) If you choose to install the bundle, there are many choices available to you. You can try Xampp or Wamp. Those two bundle will install for you Apache Web Server - a web server -, MySQL - a database server -, PHP - the programming language - and some other server related stuff such as an FTP server. When the installation is complete pass to the next step.


b) If you choose to install the components separated, you'll need a web server, a database server and PHP. For the web server, the recommendation is Apache Web Server ( ). For PHP, taking the latest version is the best ( ). For the database, MySQL is widely used with PHP and Apache ( ).


2. Determine if an AJAX framework will be used. If using a framework is chosen, the most common framework and jQuery ( ) and Prototype ( ).


3. Write your code!


There is also an option if you don't want to learn AJAX and JavaScript. The xajax Project ( ) lets you write your code in PHP and translates it into AJAX for you.