How do you connect a laptop to a PC?

How do you connect a laptop to a PC?

There are mainly two ways of connecting a Laptop to a PC
1)Through LAN
2)Through Bluetooth

The first one doesn't need any s/w(software), but a LAN card or NIC(network interface card) Ethernet Card , and a Twisted pair cable with RJ(register jack)45 crimped through cross over crimping on either sides of the wire.

The second one needs to have a Blue tooth dongle either inbuilt or an external one connected to both the Laptop and a PC.You need to install Blue tooth drivers.

There are several ways to connect a laptop to a PC.
1) if you have an Ethernet card installed on your laptop and on your PC you can directly connect them with a cross-over LAN cable (in case You don't have network hub). or a straight LAN cable (if you are using a network hub or network switch between the computers).

Option 3

An ad-hoc wireless network if your PC and Laptop both have wireless cards.

Option 4
You can also get a special USB cable that connects 2 computers and allows data to be transferred between them. They are quite cheap and you can definitely find one on Ebay.

Option 1 generally no longer requires a special crossover cable. Most modern NICs (especially on laptops) will auto-sense which pairs they need to use for Tx/Rx.

whats your Operating system to use on both of them?

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