How do you reformat Windows?

How do you reformat Windows?

This guide will wipe out your current Operating System - and the drive it’s on - and start afresh, the new system will have no memory of the old. Please back up your data before continuing.

	Put the Windows XP CD into your CD/DVD drive

	Restart your computer.

	While your computer is booting, if a new message should appear: "press any key to boot from CD", Press any key, go to step 5

	Pressing F5, F8 or F12 while the computer is booting should bring up the boot options where you can select from which drive you want to boot. It should tell you which key it is if you watch it booting. If you only have the BIOS setup, change the boot sequence to CD first instead of hard disk, save changes & exit.

	Wait patiently for the CD to load up.

	Choose the option which sounds closest to "partition editor" or "custom install"

	Here you will see your hard drive partitions. The easiest way to reformat would be to delete all of them and create one new partition. You may need to enable advanced options to see these. You may also consider making one small and one large partition, the small one being around 15GB and the larger one for movies, games and personal data.

	Either select a partition and click next, or go back to the menu and select something along the lines of 'install windows'.

	The rest of the process is mostly automatic, it may restart automatically a few times, and it could take up to an hour.

	Follow instructions as they appear, it will ask you to set some things like a computer name and users.

Your reformat should be complete, and it should be just as it was when you bought it (with maybe a few pieces of software missing, but most of it should be in CDs provided when you bought your computer)