How to add parameters to a method?

Parameters allow a method to be generalized by operating on a variety of data and/or be used in a number of slightly different situations.



This is the general form of a method:



type methodName(parameterType variable,parameterType2 variable2,...) { 

   // body of method 



Example 1


A parameterized method can operate on a variety of data.


The new Rectangle class has a new method which accepts the dimensions of a rectangle and sets the dimensions with the passed-in value.



class Rectangle {

  double width;

  double height;


  double area() {

    return width * height;



  void setDim(double w, double h) { // Method with parameters

    width = w;

    height = h;




public class Main {


  public static void main(String args[]) {

    Rectangle mybox1 = new Rectangle();

    double vol;

    mybox1.setDim(10, 20);


    vol = mybox1.area();

    System.out.println("Area is " + vol);