How to use Package Manager?

How to use Package Manager in WEKA?

Usually, the term “package” is used to refer to Java’s concept of organizing classes. From version 3.7.2, Weka has the concept of a package as a bundle of additional functionality, separate from that supplied in the main weka.jar file. A package consists of various jar files, documentation, meta data, and possibly source code. Many learning algorithms and tools that were present in earlier versions of Weka have become separate packages from version 3.7.2. This simplifies the core Weka system and allows users to install just what they need or are interested in. It also provides a simple mechanism for people to use when contributing to Weka. There are a number of packages available for Weka that add learning schemes or extend the functionality of the core system in some fashion. Many are provided by the Weka team and others are from third parties.

Weka includes a facility for the management of packages and a mechanism to load them dynamically at runtime. There is both a command-line and GUI package manager