Is a ruby programming language is good to use?

Is a ruby programming language is good to use?

Yes! It’s an incredible scripting language! And very powerful once you get used to it. I am a c++

programmer and am learning Ruby and all I wish for is that it would be a faster language. This is one

area where C++ is better. And that’s it! Its a TRULY object-oriented language (not just oriented it a

true objective language, hehe). Everything is an object there, not like in C++, which has also

primitive types etc. Even operators are objects, and numbers too. You can do this for example:


which means that you can call methods on numbers, like in this case, where i called “to_s” on the

number 8.
The result would be:

8 as a string, since to_s is a method that converts an object (eight in our case) to string.

If you have a chance learn it! Its very rewarding, and I am saying that as a (still) only student of

Ruby :slight_smile: