Jst Press button from Adobe AIR application to execute program?

Can we do this just pressing button from an Adobe AIR application and execute some installed program.
For example, I would have a button named “start Winamp”. When this is pressed it should start Winamp.exe directly.
Is it possible?

Actually There's no direct way of doing it. for that you Try [CommandProxy](

You can Read the blog post very carefully. You really need to create two different projects: a native OS executable and an AIR app. The native executable fires up your AIR application. The AIR application in turn requests for the executable to process OS-level requests.

Download the source from [Here]( is a link that describes how to set up the former.

In your AIR app's main MXML file, you need to do the following:

		Create a CommandProxy object, add a few event listeners, for connection detection, and Command response and error.

		Connect to the native exe via a connect call

		In the event handler for connect, create a new Command e.g. ScreenshotCommand and execute it (via CommandProxy.execute method)