Most useful free .NET libraries?

I have used a lot of free .NET libraries, some from Microsoft itself! Which you found the most useful?

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		[Ajax Control Toolkit](
		[ASP.NET MVC Project Awesome]( (ajax toolkit for mvc)
		[Silverlight Toolkit](
		[Rhino Mocks]( (Unit Test against Fake Resources)
		[Moq]( (Unit Test against Fake Resources Alternative)
		[Live Services SDK](
				The following APIs are available to Live Services developers.
						[Live Framework SDK](
						Live Services User Data APIs
						[Microsoft Virtual Earth SDKs](
						[Live Search API](
						[Windows Live Messenger SDKs](
						[Windows Live ID SDK](
						Microsoft Advertising APIs
						[Silverlight Streaming SDK](
						[Windows Live Admin Center SDK](
						Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio Controls
						[Windows Live Spaces SDK](
						[Windows Live Client Extensibility APIs](
						[Contacts API](
						[FeedSync]( (Core of LiveMesh Technology)
		[Facebook Developer Toolkit](
		[Castle Windsor]( (DI)
		[Open XML SDK 2.0]( (Create/Edit Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2007 Formats)
		[CSLA Framework]( (Business Objects Framework)
		[TypeMock.Net]( (Another Mocking framework)
		[Silverlight.FX]( (Additional Silverlight Controls)
		[ScriptSharp]( (A Javascript Framework)