My Ipod touch was stolen. What kind of security precautions should I take?

Here is a guideline to successfully secure your precious phone.

[b]Usage of passcode lock is necessary.[/b]
This works on both iPod touch and the iPhone as well. The passcode lock helps in preventing unauthorized users reading the phones data or any of its services without entering the code, which is set by you and consist of four digits, be sure to memorize the password because your phone memory will get deleted and you will have to restore it from backup. But this feature has made everyone using these phones relax ant not worry at all where the security factor is concern.

[b]Information and data backup[/b]
You can secure all your data information both on iPhone and iPod, touch need OS 3.0 to be running by backup information on your laptop or desk top. This will help you in preventing anyone you don’t want to get access your information or data without using the password that you have set even if they are using your computer. You can easily set this feature which is available on your phone and make it absolutely secure. Once this information backup is set you cannot get your information without your set password. Remember not to forget your password as you can get in trouble if you forget it. Now you can even use a remote for a phone.

[b]Now you can even use a remote for a phone[/b]
Apple has come out with a different and new feature which is called the MobileMe it is an internet service. This specific feature allows you to destroy the data information before a thief takes advantage of your phone with a remote control; also it helps locate your phone. Don’t worry this will only stop the thief to get your personal data, but this will not affect the information data backup which is safe in your computer.

[b]Secure Wi- Fi on your phone[/b]
As you secure your computer or laptop same way it is very necessary that you secure your phone by installing an antivirus or the firewall for iPhone or iPod touch. Make sure you use the right and the best antivirus available as there are a lot of cheap antiviruses which don’t perform well at all and can harm your phone. As using the right antivirus is very important for the security of your phone.