Slow Android emulator

android emulator is very slow on my pc, what should i do?

It is not a problem with your environment, it is just that the emulator is very slow.

Practically I use a real phone to do my tests. It is faster and tests are more realistic. But if you want to test your application on a lot of different Android versions and don't want to buy several phones, you will have to use the emulator from time to time.

Android Development Tools (ADT) 9.0.0 (or later) has a feature that allows you to save state of the AVD (emulator) and you can start your emulator instantly. You have to enable this feature while creating a new AVD or you can just create it later by editing the AVD.

Also I have increased the Device RAM Size to 1024 which results in very fast emulator.

After developing for a while, my emulator became brutally slow. I chose wipe user data and it was much much better. I am guessing that it takes time to load up each apk you’ve deployed.