Visual Studio Optimizations .net

Please include any optimisations specific to the latest IDE.

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All of these can be accessed on [b]Tools->Options[/b] menu:

	Disable F1. ([b]Environment->Keyboard[/b]) This is probably the best advice that I found somewhere.

	Disable "Animate environment tools" ([b]Environment->General[/b]).

	Disable Start Page ([b]Environment->Startup[/b]).

	Disable "Track Active Item in Solution Explorer" ([b]Projects and Solutions[/b]).

	Disable Navigation Bar ([b]Text Editor->C#[/b]). I think this is available for every language.

	Set "AutoToolboxPopulate" to false ([b]Windows Forms Designer[/b]).

	You can set the Code view as the default view when viewing Windows Forms. Just right-click on the cs file and select "Open With...".

	Open Visual Studio using the command line (devenv) rather than using the Start menu. I don't know why but I notice it loads faster.

	Turn off Track Changes. ([b]Text Editor->Track changes[/b])


[b]Last Resort:[/b]

	Reset all settings ([b]Tools->Import and Export Settings->Reset All Settings[/b])