What books are available for C++?

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`The C++ Programming Language, second edition’, Stroustrup, Addison/Wesley
A rich, in-depth intro text; covers rudiments of OOD as well as OOP ISBN 0-201-53992-6

`A C++ Primer, 2nd edition’, Lippman, Addison/Wesley 1st ed. Considered std intro-C++ text; does not assume C; has some OOD ISBN 0-201-54848-8

`Annotated C++ Reference Manual’, Ellis and Stroustrup, Addison/Wesley
Heavy reading; definitely not for beginners; gives ALL the details.
ISBN 0-201-51459-1

Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms', Coplien, Addison-Wesley, 1992 ref-counting, wrappers, functionoids,Self’/`Smalltalk’ styles, etc ISBN 0-201-54855-0

`A C++ Toolkit’, Shapiro, Prentice Hall
Provides many small stand-alone classes; code is publically usable ISBN 0-13-127663-8

`Mastering C++’, Horstmann,

`A C++ Primer, first edition’, Lippman, Addison/Wesley
Slightly out-of-date; solidly reference quality wrt the language proper ISBN 0-201-16487-6

`Programming in C++’, Dewhurst and Stark, Prentice Hall
How-to-use C++, shows many idioms of the language

`Using C++’, Eckel, McGraw-Hill
Shows some of the ways C++ can be used as a better C; MS-DOS

Data Abstraction and OO Programming in C++', Gorlen/Orlow/Plexico, Wiley Describes how to use NIHCL (see question onNIHCL’) ISBN 0-471-92346-X

`An Intro to OO Programming’, Tim Budd, Addison-Wesley, 1991
Covers OOP in general; compares/contrasts several OOPLs including C++
ISBN 0-201-54709-0

`Object-Oriented Design with Applications’, Grady Booch, Benjamin/Cummings,1991
Excellent 1st book on OO design; read on Classification and Abstraction
ISBN 0-8053-0091-0

`Object-Orientation: Concepts, Languages, Databases, User interfaces’,
Khoshafian and Abnous, J.Wiley, 1990
ISBN 0-471-51801-8

`The Waite Group’s C++ Programming’, Berry

`An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and C++’, Weiner & Pinson, A/W

`Object-Oriented Program Design with Examples in C++’, Mullin, Addison-Wesley

`Hands-on C++ Programming’, Isaac and Miller, Addison-Wesley

`C++ for C Programmers’, Pohl, Benjamin/Cummings

The C++ Programming Language, first edition', Stroustrup, Addison/Wesley Out of date but a classic; get it to find out where the languagewas’
ISBN 0-201-12078-X

The C++ Answer Book', Hansen, Addison/Wesley Answers to the exercises in Stroustrup's first ed; solidhow-to’ text
ISBN 0-201-11497-6

`Turbo C++ DiskTutor’, Greg Voss and Paul Chui, McGraw-Hill
ISBN 0-07-881526-6

`Object-Oriented Software Construction’, Meyer, Prentice Hall
Chaps 1-4 are about OOP in general; the rest is about Eiffel language
ISBN 0-13-629049-3

Conference proceedings:
Proceedings of the OOPSLA' conferences Proceedings of theC++ At Work’ conferences
Proceedings of the `USENIX C++’ conferences

The C++ Report
Journal of Object-Oriented Programming
The C++ Journal
the working papers of the ANSI-C++ committee

Usenix newsgroups and mailing lists:
Turbo-C++ mailing list
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