What C++ compilers are available?

Lots. Here are a few:

  • Cfront' is USL's compiler. It compiles to C, so it istechnically’ a
    translator rather than native code compiler, but that doesn’t make much
    difference in practice (think of C as an assembly language). Many hardware
    vendors bundle and/or sell a `cfront-based’ C++ compiler.
  • GNU C++ is freely copyable under the Free Software Foundation `copyleft’.
    Usually called g++, it is available via anonymous ftp from
    It is supported by Cygnus (contact
  • Borland C++ (BC++) and Turbo C++ (TC++) are available from Borland Int’l.
    It is available for DOS; an OS/2 2.0 product has been announced.
  • Zortech C++ (ZTC++) is available from Zortech Int’l. DOS and OS/2.
  • Glockenspiel C++ is a DOS port of cfront; also runs on some Un*x platforms.
  • Saber C++ is a Un*x based interpreter/compiler programmer’s workbench.
  • ObjectCenter is a Un*x based interpreter/compiler programmer’s workbench
    distributed by CenterLine (formerly Saber Software). 617/498-3000
  • Saber C++ is the former name for ObjectCenter (Saber' becameCenterLine’).
  • Oregon C++; native-code compiler and source-level debugger; TauMetric Corp;
    800-874-8501; Sun4, DECstation, Sun3, HP9000/300 & 400, i386/i486SV, VAX/VMS