what is difference between C and Pascal language?

what is difference between C and Pascal language?

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c - structured oriented language
Pascal- Procedure oriented language

The computer programming languages C and Pascal are often compared[1] to each other, sometimes heatedly, probably because the languages have similar times of origin, influences, and purposes, and so represent two philosophical approaches to a similar need. Both were used to design (and compile) their own compilers early in their lifetimes, and both were established and popular during the formative years of the microcomputer age.

Both C and Pascal are quite old languages. An original Pascal definition appeared in 1969 and a first compiler in 1970, the first version of C a few years later, around 1972. Both are arguably descendants of the ALGOL language series.

Algol introduced so-called structured programming, where programs are constructed of single entry and single exit constructs such as if, while, for, case, and so on. Furthermore, only expression syntaxes were (more or less) systematically described before Algol, which defined the entire language syntax in terms of a recursive grammar (BNF). This tended to make the language more general and regular

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