What is difference between core Java and advanced Java?

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Core Java-- “Stand -alone”
Advanced java – java Application which run on Servers(Web Application)

Core Java comprises basic concepts of java such as

1.Need of java
2.Advantages of Java over other OOP Languages
3.definitions of classes and objects
4.Special Operators in java,Datatypes
6.OOPS Concepts like Encapsulation,Abstraction,Polymorphism,Inheritance
7.Exception Handling concepts
8.Interfaces and Abstract classes
9.Wrapper Classes
10.Collection classes like Linked List,Stack,ArrayList,Queue etc
11.Cloning concepts

Advanced java consists

1.Collection Classes and objects
2.Socket Programming
3.Thread Concepts
4.AWT Package
5.Swings etc

Both Advanced Java and Core Java Together Called as J2SE(Java Standard Edition)
There is one more branch J2EE deals with Enterprise solutions
Another Branch is J2ME Deals with Embedded Applications like Mobile game software etc.