what is syntax for use the java tool?

javac [options] [sourcefiles] [classes]

options: Refers to command line options.

sourcefiles: Refers to the source files that need to be compiled.

classes: Refers to one or more classes to be processed for annotations.

Option                                           Description

-cp path or -classpath path       Specifies the Java classpath.

-d                                                   directory Sets the destination directory

                                                        to store class files.

-g                                                   Generates debugging information.

-g:none                                         Instructs the javac tool not to generate

                                                       any debugging information.

-help                                              Prints information about the options of

                                                       the javac tool.

-Xlint                                              Displays warnings against the use of

                                                      deprecated classes and methods.

-Xlint:-name                                Disables deprecation warnings for a

                                                     specified class, interface, or method.

-Xlint:path                                   Displays a warning when you specify a

                                                  directory to compile but the directory does not exist.