What is the main 2 difference between c and c++?(Not in syntax)

I don need answer like here cout is used here printf is used like that i need not in syntax need technically

  1. c is not object oriented but c++ is object oriented

  2. Actually c is a procedural programming language which
    cann’t face the real world problem. It has some drawback
    like a global data is shared by all function and if in a
    large program it is find out difficult that which function
    uses which data.

On the other hand c++ is an object oriented programming
language which eliminate some pitfall of conventional or
procedural programming language. It is a concept or
approach for designing a new software. It is nothing to do
with any programming language although a programming
language which support the oops concept to make it easier
to implement.

This is the main different between c and c++.