Which things assist the Blind people in programming?

I know there are blind programmers (such as T.V. Raman who currently works for Google).
How would they set up their development environment to assist them in programming?

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They use windows xp as operating system and Jaws to read what appears on the screen in synthetic speech. For java programming use eclipse, since it’s a fully featured IDE that is accessible.

 A general rule java programs that use SWT as the GUI toolkit are more accessible then programs that use Swing which is why they stay away from netbeans. For any .net programming they use visual studio 2005 since it was the standard version used at  internship and is very accessible using Jaws and a set of scripts that were developed to make things such as the form designer more accessible.

For C and C++ programming use cygwin with gcc as compiler and emacs or vim as editor depending on what they need .