Why does Android use the a GPL Linux kernel, but...

Why does Android use the a GPL Linux kernel, but libraries and user space apps that are licensed more liberal open source/free software licenses?

To put it simply - the Linux kernel has wide hardware and industry support, and keeping GPL code in the kernel as much as possible makes a pretty clear line between GPLed stuff and unencumbered stuff, but vendors are somewhat scared of the GPL, so it is avoided as much as possible outside the kernel. It seems that currently bluez is about the only userspace code in android which is GPLed. Official reasons for why to use a Linux kernel from a Google IO preso:

	Great memory and process management

	Permissions-based security model

	Proven driver model

	Support for shared libraries

	Itʼs already open source!

For an unofficial explanation of why Google prefers the Apache2 license over the GPL license, please see this [ArsTechnica article: ](