Why people like jQuery more than Prototype?

Why people like jQuery more than Prototype or Moto tools ?

Having used Prototype, Scriptaculous and jQuery. jQuery to be far more powerful, in that I tend to write far fewer lines of code than with Prototype.

I think what makes it particularly useful/powerful is:

	The chaining of queries (each jQuery returns itself so you can chain them together)

	Working with arrays/collections of results as a single unit eg: $('.tab').hide() could hide all elements of class tab

	I find the API extremely 'discoverable' and commonsensical, in that, having a little knowledge I can achieve the results I am after eg: $(':input').parents(':not(:first)').show() would show all the parents of every input element except the first parent.

	and probably most of all is the extensibility and plugin architecture of jQuery is incredible and has created an awesome community of plugins, where I can find practically anything I should ever need.